Openings for postdoc, graduate student(s)

I currently have openings for postdocs and/or motivated students to join our research group. Note that the positions and projects listed below are rough outlines, so if you don’t quite fit, but are passionate about something similar or have your own ideas for an exciting project, I’d love to discuss further.

Our group (website coming soon!) focuses on big remote sensing and geospatial data analysis problems, primarily involving digital terrain models and the Earth’s cryosphere. Within CEE, we are part of the Hydrology and Hydrodynamics group. Beyond CEE, there are many opportunities for potential coadvising and close collaboration with faculty and research scientists at the eScience Institute, the UW Applied Physics Lab (APL), the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS), and elsewhere on campus.

The UW CEE deadline for graduate student applications is December 15, but rolling applications are accepted year round. More information on the CEE grad program is available here.

Active projects

  • Photogrammetry workflow development for range of sensors (commercial very-high-resolution satellite imagery, historical aerial/satellite imagery, modern UAV platforms), NASA AIST, NASA THP
  • Optimizing data processing in high-performance computing (HPC) and commercial cloud (AWS, GCP, etc.) environments, NASA AIST
  • Stereo2SWE: deriving regional snow depth from very-high-resolution satellite stereo DEMs, NASA THP
  • Systematic regional geodetic glacier mass balance from high-resolution DEMs (High-mountain Asia, Western U.S.), NASA Cryosphere
  • Digital Glacier Time Machine (DGTM): extracting decadal DEM time series for Western U.S. glaciers using historical aerial photographs and declassified spy satellite imagery, UW Innovation Award
  • Ice-ocean interaction: remote observation of ice shelf basal melting and ice stream dynamics, NASA Cryosphere
  • Rapid satellite and/or UAV data collection, processing and analysis to support natural disaster response


Postdoc or research staff: automated photogrammetry methods and applications


  • Automated photogrammetry workflow development and refinement
  • Design experiments and tests for sensor calbration of multiple very-high-resolution satellite data sources (DigitalGlobe WorldView/GeoEye, Planet SkySat, Historical)
  • Validation using satellite/airborne altimetry data and other ground truth
  • Application to one or more of the projects listed above

Qualifications (contact to discuss further):

  • Ph.D. in STEM field
  • Strong programming and scientific computing experience (Python, bash)
  • Experience with optical remote sensing, photogrammetry, computer vision, and/or image processing
  • Experience working with point clouds and DEMs

Nice to have:

  • Experience with HPC and commercial cloud deployments
  • Experience with computer vision tools/libraries (e.g., OpenCV, scikit-image)
  • Experience with open-source photogrammetry software (e.g., ASP, SETSM, MicMac, S2P)
  • Experience with GIS software (e.g., QGIS, ArcMap)

After initial discussions, applicants will be expected to provide CV, one-page research proposal, and contact info for three references.

Student or postdoc: Field method research and development

Projects involve developing field methods to understand dynamic landforms in the WA Cascades


  • Field geodetic survey experience
  • Field leadership experience
  • A love of hardware, precise measurements, and mountains

Nice to have:

  • Experience with UAVs, SfM, TLS, GNSS, GPR
  • Programming experience