Meet the team!

NASA Ames Research Center visit, December 2019.

Our research group focuses on big remote sensing and geospatial data analysis problems. Within CEE, we are part of the Hydrology and Hydrodynamics group and we have ongoing collaborations with faculty, scientists, and engineers at the eScience Institute, the UW Applied Physics Lab (APL), the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS), and elsewhere on campus.

Planet HQ visit, December 2019, with collaborators Tony Cannistra (UW Bio), Scott Henderson (eScience/ESS) and Nicoleta Cristea (eScience/CEE)

Ph.D. Students

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Shashank Bhushan

Glacier mass balance and ice dynamics, photogrammetry with Planet SkySat/Dove imagery

Michelle Hu

Remote sensing of snow, machine learning classification of satellite imagery

Friedrich Knuth

Glacier and landscape evolution, photogrammetry with historical aerial imagery


Applied Physics and Aeronautical Engineering

Chris Hayner

UAV applications

NASA Pleiades Supercomputer visit, December 2019

Group dinner, October 2019